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The Founders Story.

It all started during the war to become success story. Not we are the #1 leaders in our industry with thousands of customers world wide.

My grandfather Alfred began our maritime heritage in 1937 by acquiring the transport vessel Njord. After 5 years as both ship owner and captain, he was forced to seek employment through Chr. Bjelland & Co during the war, when Njord got boarded and confiscated by the Germans. Though his property was never returned, Alfreds determination lived on, and by 1947 he procured M/S Laurvik to again pursue his dream.

My father Knut carried on the family business from 1984, establishing ERSCO AS as a commercial management company towards vessels operation within the European mini bulk market. His insight and work capacity evolved the family business, making it one of Norway’s largest ship management company by the nineteen-nineties.

I now carry the honor of continuing our proud legacy, building on both my grandfather’s determination and my father’s vision and hard work. In 2008 we entered the offshore segment, utilizing our extensive management experience and standards of high quality under the new company name COG Offshore. Today we operate a wide range of service vessels including PSV and MPSV for several major ship owners. We represent over 75 years of experience and 3 generations of family tradition that has evolved into what COG Offshore is today.

Knut Atle Ertslan
Chief Executive Officer

Our Strategy 

COG Offshore A/S is a shipowning and ship management company, situated at the west coast of Norway at the doorstep to the North Sea. We are in a widespread of activities, from MPSV offshore vessels to General Dry Cargo Carriers.

Common for all shipping activities today, regardless of the type of ships, is that quality ship management has become an international focus as more international rules and regulations are set up to govern the shipping industry and protect the world environment.

Our high standards of safety and work are achieved by operating a management system which meets the requirements of the International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention (ISM Code)

Quality and maintaining continual improvement are everyone’s responsibility in our company.  Our customers’ satisfaction is dependent upon this philosophy.

We can offer operational, financial, technical, and crew management, with flexible, efficient, and excellent performance through our well-trained experienced and motivated personnel.

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