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Peak Oslo


Name MV Peak Oslo
Call sign E5U2385
IMO Nr. 8416798
Flag Cook Island
Home Port Avatiu
Built 1985
Class INSB
Ice Class N/A
P&I Hydor AS
LOA 87.65 M
Breadth 11.02 M
Draft 3.92 M
Airdraft ballast 6.40 M
Airdraft loaded
WLHC ballast
WLHC loaded 3.90 M
GT 1.543
NT 860
DWT 2.376
DWCC S 2.250 MTS
DWCC W 2.225 MTS
Grain/Bale 112.650 / 111.872 CBFT
Timber cap N/A
Tank top pressure 10 MTS/M2
Hatch pressure N/A
Bulkhead(s) 2
Main engine Deutz SBV6M
ME output 749 kW
Bowthruster Scania DS 11
Speed ballast 10,0 kn
Speed loaded 9 kn

Low airdraft
LSD fitted
Container fitted

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